Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Black Mouse

Time for the annual Halloween "poem". Last year it was The Pumpkin Patch, and this year a tail tale of a cat and mouse. Now, I like cats and have many cat stories to tell, some of which I'm sure will eventually appear here, but for now, in the holiday spirit, we present a mouse of a different color, so to speak. He could be white, but is actually gray, but in reality is black and there he'll likely stay.

A feline fiend was after me

a tiny mouse, not a monster, you see.

And he (the cat) was big and fat

and here I was not even a rat!

Did I do anything to deserve to die?

I'd only made his hysterical mistress cry.

But here I was running for my life,

chased by a cat with tooth and claw sharp as a knife.

I didn't think I'd survive the race,

'till I ducked under a curtain with some lace.

The cat soon approached but did not see

the lacy drapes hiding little old me.

He turned his head in a moment though,

and I dared a peek and saw a hungry mouth begin to grow.

And that is when the cat went flying by,

through the curtain, out the window, down several stories to die.

Just another "clever" cat who was really a kitty

falling to a death that wasn't pretty.

A dreadful feline to cross off my list,

one more dead cat, I never miss!

I seek out and enter the enemies house,

making me among my kind a hero, The Avenging Mouse!

And that's how our little mouse makes a living, causing cat owners to do a lot of grave digging.

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