Friday, October 30, 2009

Outsourced, Homeless and Blogging

An unemployed, skilled IT worker, now homeless: (h/t to

While qualified American tech workers are sleeping in their cars, companies are running sham ads under U.S. Department of Labor rules that require them to first show that there are no willing and qualified U.S. workers for the position, before hiring a foreign worker sponsored under an H-1B visa.

These ads are called PERM (Program Electronic Review Management) Ads (see this "one-stop" service for the "Employer/Sponsor").

When an employer wishes to sponsor an H-1b worker for a green card, they are required to run a few ads in the Sunday newspaper as "good faith" recruitment to demonstrate that no qualified Americans are available for the position.


The employer has no intention of hiring any of the applicants - there is no job opening since the H-1b worker already holds the position. The employer only runs these ads so that they can submit copies of them to DOL along with the green card application.


The ads are fraud upon the unemployed readers who take the time to respond to these ads.-Majority of Tech Help Wanted in Sacramento Bee are PERM Sham Ads


  1. But... telling employers... who to statism... oh nevermind.

    Maybe sometimes the state is just trying to step in and tell companies to do the right thing... and private companies continue being private companies and say "fuck it," doing whatever is cheapest instead.

    I'm in a situation not all that dissimilar. I'm unemployed because my college figured out it would be cheaper to fire their tutors and let their students fail. Turns out, they collect tuition regardless of the success of their students, and they get to keep all their money even if the students never learn anything.

    Isn't private industry wonderful? Now to figure out how to be the jackass at the top... oh wait, my dad is just a normal person. I'm doomed to mediocrity, shucks.

  2. The employer only runs these ads so that they can submit copies of them to DOL along with the green card application.

    I'm always happy to see people finding a way around obtrusive regulation.


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