Monday, October 5, 2009


I work on Sundays, and I like it. Sure, I miss a lot of football that way, but I've never been that big of a fan anyway. What I like about working on Sunday is there is almost no one else at work. The building, which the company I work for shares with other businesses, is nearly empty on weekends. To me, it's just more calm and less stressful that way.

On my breaks and lunch I usually head outside for some fresh air, and it's nice to be greeted by an empty parking lot. Recently we've had some hot weather, and though I do like a little warmth of the Sun, I can do without excessive heat, which is any extra heat that makes me less than comfortable. But yesterday when break time arrived and I made my way to the trunk of my car, it looked as though autumn had finally arrived, with partly cloudy skies and cool breezes, and little to no sunshine. Colder is not uncomfortable at all to me (unless we're talking really cold) and I certainly prefer it to the heat. In fact, I've been waiting all summer for this time of year to arrive. It's more difficult to stay cool (especially without air conditioning) in the heat than it is to stay warm in the cold. Outside I can just wear a jacket, and at home, if the temperature drops too much, a small electric heater, in addition, if necessary, to wearing extra layers of clothing, works just fine. The heat is not as kind, and a fan plus open windows and near nudity does not do the same job as the little heater and sweatshirts do in winter.

So I'm celebrating, and hoping no more heatwaves are coming this way for a while.

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