Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Alan Grayson is right: Linda Robertson IS a k-street whore!

I was unfortunate enough to stumble onto FOX's ridiculous "Hannity" tonight. Hannity was talking with the idiot Christian-reconstructionist turd Rick Santorum about Alan Grayson's supposed "left-wing extremism." Why is Grayson "extreme" you ask? Because, in the words of one Dailykos blogger, he called a whore a whore:

Beltway Insiders are beginning to realize that attacking Alan Grayson comes with a price: you get crushed... like a bug. Before Grayson went off to law school and began a career holding war profiteers and corporate Bush cronies accountable, he studied economics... at Harvard. And then, unlike any other members of Congress, worked for several years as an economist. So last month when Enron's head lobbyist, Linda Robertson, reborn as the Fed's head lobbyist, attacked congressmen pushing for an audit of the Fed-- primarily Grayson and Ron Paul-- as ignorant of the difference between monetary policy and fiscal policy, Grayson reacted by pointing out that Robertson has a long and well-known career as a "K Street whore." She shills for whoever pays her. When it was Enron, she helped them steal billions of dollars from taxpayers and rate-payers and now that it's the Fed, she is crawling around DC starting whispering campaigns about members of Congress who are demanding the audit that the Fed dreads more than anything. Her problem, of course, is that more than half the members of Congress have signed on to the bill calling for the audit. So she's going after Ron Paul and Alan Grayson, the two who are pushing this the hardest.

In other words, acknowledging simple reality makes you a "left-wing extremist." Ooohh, but it's a woman. Isn't it wrong to call a woman a whore? In this case, no. Grayson was obviously using the term in a strictly political sense. The real outrage is due to the fact that he dared to call a spade a spade. (Obviously I disagree with Grayson on much, but he was exactly on the mark here.)

Nonetheless, he has "gone too far" according to the MSM. Horrors!


  1. God I hate Hannity too, you are not alone on that!

  2. This comment is, essentially, a "ditto": I had already written something along those lines, myself:


  3. This comment is, essentially, a "ditto": I had already written something along those lines, myself:

    They ARE Whores…and Real Republicans Know That

    (please delete the misformatted version, above)


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