Monday, October 19, 2009

Obama should be tried for war crimes, not given a "peace prize"

When I was in India last week, I nearly spit out my chai tea when the news flashed across the BBC channel: Barack Obama had won the Nobel "peace" prize. I was outraged, but said nothing since mom is apparently an Obama fan (yuck).

Third parties across the political spectrum (Greens and Libertarians) have condemned this lunacy; not that anyone will ever listen to them. Only the opinions of the corrupt two-party duopoly count.

The fact that the militarist mass murderer Woodrow Wilson won the Nobel "peace" prize in 1919 should tell you all you need to know. Shit, Adolf Hitler HIMSELF was nominated for the prize at one point.

Obama's win only further cements how meaningless the award is.


  1. Absolutely, Cork.

    Just last week, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu warned American and British leaders not to endorse the Goldstone Report. Because, he continued, if Israeli leaders get tried for war crimes, then American and British leaders might be next. And I say, Hell, yes -- let's prosecute the whole bunch -- including Mr. Peace Prize himself!

  2. When Bush and Cheney are rotting in a cell, we can move on from there.

  3. I beg to differ. Obama is a good micro-manager, and judging him is too early to be punished or nobel-prized. But he has undoubtedly proved that his intentions are right.


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