Thursday, August 27, 2009

Send in the Clowns

Whether it's the Border Patrol (whose arrogant agents--yes, even when they're being "nice" they're arrogant at the same time, as you'll find out if you refuse to stop or answer their inane questions at their evil highway "Checkpoints"--force you to stop and wait while on your peaceful way down the interstate), or the Highway Patrol/State Police, or the local Sheriff's department or police department, I've started calling them clowns.

They wear costumes, you see, which would be hilarious if people recognized the absurd nature of the outfits; government issued clown clothes that somehow magically give these jerks power that a regular human being lacks. This is the mistake we are taught to make from childhood, starting with the very effective brainwashing most children receive in the government-run publik skools. It's like religion; a mass delusion, a cult. We believe in it with faith only, because there are no good reasons, and certainly no evidence, that the clowns are any different than you or I, or that they have the right to do things that it is illegal for you or I to do.

So they are nothing but clowns, a joke, in my book. They even have clown cars to go with their funny attire. You know, the ones with the colorful, flashing lights and the crazy, loud noise-makers.

You may have to obey their orders when you encounter them, just to avoid being beaten to a pulp or killed by them, but you don't have to respect them or honor them.

A long time ago after circuses had been revealed to local villagers and towns people, people used to have a strong fear of clowns, they used to say they were evil, and they looked like murderers. The local circus clowns made visits to the towns and villagers as they would not go to the circuses. People only ran into their homes very fast to get away from these clowns. The clowns would speak and try to make friendly conversation from the doors, but people only ignored and listened until the clowns gave up and left the areas. - from the Urban Dictionary


  1. CorkyAgain, not CorkAugust 27, 2009 at 3:38 PM

    I will never forget the clear summer night long ago in Illinois, when I sat in my dorm listening to the police sirens in the distance. It was one of those moments when the mind puts an unexpected interpretation on things, and the sound of those sirens conjured up the image of a maniacal clown careening down the road in his car, going "Wheeeeee, hahahaha, wheeeeeee ..."

  2. Dawson College shooting, Sept 13 2006.

    'One victim died at the scene, while another 19 were injured, eight of whom were listed in critical condition with six requiring surgery. The shooter later committed suicide by shooting himself in the head, after being shot in the arm by police.'

    Regular patrol officers pursued the gunman, despite the shooter directing their fire at the police officers and the officers did not stop until he killed himself.

    These weren't heavily armed tactical officers, they were regular patrol officers that drive ' those funny clown cars' and who wear the ' funny clown uniform.'

    You call them clowns.

    The students at Dawson college call them heroes and so do I.

  3. Right, the same "heroes" that will take you down in a heartbeat if you dare to carry the equipment necessary to defend yourself.

    Police are pigs.


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