Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sean Hannity Shills for Government Motors

So there I was on my lunch break (a lousy half-hour instead of a decent hour in which to actually go somewhere for lunch or do a chore if need be) sitting in my car in the parking lot, and while munching on my lunch of rye crackers and golden raisins (yes, seriously) I turned on the radio briefly to catch a short listen to whatever insane right-wing talk show host was currently spouting nonsense about the evil Democrats vs the good Republicans.

Ah, it was Rush Limbaugh wannabe blowhard Sean Hannity hisself. He was doing a commercial for General Government Motors, extolling the wonders of the "new" GM and their wonder cars, like the new Chevy Camaro, and urging his supposedly anti-big government listeners to check out the GM "reinvention" website.

It was right after this that Shill Hannity neatly segued into the statement that 57% of Americans now agreed that the Obama stimulus plan isn't working. Uh, what? Didn't you just get through telling us how great the new General Motors is, Sean? Do "conservatives" have no principles they aren't willing to throw to the wayside on the merest excuse, such as to line their pockets with stolen money, which is exactly what Hannity is doing by endorsing GM, whose ad budget has now been bought and paid for with tax dollars?

Thanks once again phony conservatives for showing me why I'm not one of you and am a libertarian instead.


  1. I've had that exact same thought about Democrats so many times... kind of why people who think for themselves are disgusted with the two parties right now.

    But are you seriously surprised? Most Republicans are several orders of magnitude more corrupt than any Democrat (which is saying a lot, as I'm sure you're familiar with the fact that every Dem is bought and paid for). Republican value$ are all about whose paying them, though usually this is the case with politicians more than pundits.

    This is how you feel about conservatives prostituting themselves to the highest bidder and you think you love capitalism? How much more capitalist can you get?

    Who knows, maybe one day you'll be sponsored and know the joys of having to cave to corporate whoredom.

    Maybe companies are the problem... just throwing it out there.

  2. Wow, that seems bad even for asshole Hannity.

  3. Ginx has a point. While Democrats are less corrupt, they are mostly socialist ideologues with agendas they attempt to obscure. Republicans are easily bought and sold by lobbying groups and various corporate entities.

    I'm not surprised to see Sean Hannity out there, stumping for a government program. Republicans are no longer anti-big government. 8 years of Bush made that clear.

    P.S. Thanks for following, appreciate it!

  4. Democrats are less corrupt?

    ROTFLMAO. They are corrupt as friggin' hell.

  5. How much more capitalist can you get?

    How much more clueless can you get?

  6. Capitalism doesn't mean abandoning morals for profit any more than socialism means abandoning profit for morals. Charity, for example, is an essentially capitalist act (because it is voluntary and not coercive).

    The key thing is that if someone wants to be a profit whore then we recognise their right to do so, just as we recognise the right to freedom of speech we disagree with.

    But if we don't like a person or business, then thanks to capitalism we can choose others to buy things from or spend our time listening to.

  7. As an addendum, I would like to ask Ginx what it is you plan to do if, socialist utopia acheived, someone wants to set up a company in this new world. Are they to be stopped by force or what?

  8. A) There is no such thing as a utopia, whether socialist or libertarian.

    B) Socialism is not communism. Socialism allows for private ownership, including even the private ownership of the means of production.

    C) In a free market, there is competition between companies offering differing products, but this is simply not the case in many markets.

    D) There is nothing evil about companies, only some of the people running them. This is why we have restrictions. Anarchy is not true freedom, it is actually a digression to might-makes-right. Anarcho-capitalism is not freedom, merely wealth-makes-right.

  9. Ginx,

    I would recommend you read some an-cap literature before claiming it's a wealth-makes-right system. There are still laws in an-cap (despite the 'anarcho') and any company to commit fraud would be punished to the full extent of the law.

    The *real* wealth-makes-right system is the current one!

  10. Thanks Ginx, I understand what you're saying. I agree that some markets (oil and diamonds spring to mind) are horribly oligarchial thanks to the corrupt nexus between big business and government. We only disagree on the solution :)


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