Saturday, August 8, 2009

Healthcare Obama Style

via The Radical Libertarian

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  1. Health care is important for everyone to have, and currently anyone can go into a hospital and receive care.

    Can the system be improved upon, abosolutely -- however, an all or none system will generate a wave of more layoffs (insurance industry, entire medical field, nursing homes, ect). Therefore, creating a much wider recession.

    Also, it will open a new form of discrimination. Laws which protect us, like HIPPA, will be pushed aside. The Government will know all our medical records. Then choose for us who is eligiable for the care, thus discriminating.

    Additionally, ask yourselves this, If this program is so great -- why are the Government employees EXEMPT from the program!!!!

    The day I am ment to Die is up to God - not our Government. Look at the bigger picture and weigh the good and bad, there has to be a better solution than "All or None" or forcing your will.

    One group should not be permitted to destroy a wonderful United States of America. Call your governemnt office.

    Concerned Tax Payer


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