Saturday, August 22, 2009

A completely honest question

I'll abandon the usual snark for this post, because this is an honest question:

Why do big cities tend to be liberal?

I'm not asking the question to trash liberals or anyone else. And I have nothing against big cities (in fact, I'll likely be moving to one soon). I'm just curious. Any ideas?


  1. Concentrated Media.

    They are saturated with one or two sources of media information.

    Mind control?

    This is just my opinion!

  2. Lack of self-sufficiency that one learns growing up in the 'sticks'.

    Increased contact with lying sacks of scum politicians that promise all sorts of goodies.

  3. Big cities are social mosaics. If you find yourself living in a city that is filled with diverse ethnic enclaves, yet everyone tolerates each others cultures...liberalism spawns.

    Conservative values don't mesh well when it comes to tolerating other peoples cultures.

    In my experience, the whiter and less diverse a community, the more conservative.

  4. RC, it does make some sense that people in big cities would be more tolerant in that regard (i.e. "socially liberal), but there's also the other side of liberalism: the economic intolerance.

    Cork, I have puzzled over this for some time. My best guess is that people move to big cities because they like it there, and the vast majority don't believe a big city could exist without central planning. In short, they support coercion because it gets them what they want.


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