Monday, August 24, 2009

LOL -- advocate of "topless equality" arrested

Mark me down as a supporter of this movement! (Probably nsfw)


  1. For the record, I actually think this is a poor choice for libertarian activism. It makes the Free State Project (and libertarians in general) look like a bunch of trouble makers and libertines.

    Nonetheless, I remain a firm advocate of toplessness in public. :)

  2. I have thought about this topic a million times. I am %100 in support of topless women. I honestly (I am being %100 serious) think that if women were to be able to go topless just as MEN ALREADY CAN WITH NO PROBLEM there would be less crime, not more rapes etc.. as some suggest. There has been a real scientific study done about staring at female breast being healthy for you cause it increases the heart rate and gets blood flowing.

    PS I didn't watch the whole video but I get the idea.

  3. *sigh* More insanity from the state?

  4. I would extend it to include full nudity in designated locations (some beaches, perhaps).

    I think C is right; it would certainly decrease crime by eliminating the forbidden nature of nudity and lifting some of our sexual repression.


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