Monday, August 3, 2009

Is the left killing itself with its own idiocy?

Call me crazy, but I suspect that if the Democrats had any brains….and I mean any brains whatsoever, they just might have been able to pass their “universal health care” scheme. Heck, Obama had some good approval ratings early on.

That is, if the Democrats showed moderates that they could govern with even the slightest hint of fiscal sanity or integrity, much of the country might have accepted (or grudgingly gone along with) a universal health care plan. Instead, Democrats (and Obama in particular) chose to piss away all of their political capital on complete and utter bullshit. They have done everything humanly possible to convince moderates that everything government attempts will be a reckless, gigantic, nauseatingly expensive clusterfuck (not that there is anything inaccurate about that perception).

If it were a conversation, it would go like this:

Moderate voter: Alright, I suppose that I might be willing to give this ‘universal health care’ thing a shot. As long as it won’t be the massive, inefficient, bureaucratic mess that conservatives keep warning about.

Democrat: Great! Well first we’ll spend a couple trillion on ‘stimulus’ packages. Then we’ll spend trillions more to bail out corporations. Of course, we’ll still need trillions more for excessive pork, foreign wars, government employees and pure random waste. Not to worry, though. After the country is bankrupt and nearing financial armageddon, we’ll give you some lame-ass “halfway” healthcare program, which will also be mind-numbingly expensive and ineffective…

Moderate voter: You know what? Screw it. I don’t want it anymore.

Democrat: Racist!

We can only be happy that the Democrats’ own political stupidity has helped kill one of their more sinister plans.


  1. It's interesting that you right wingers always crow about how the Democrat's are going to produce some kind of giant government clusterfuck when by far the biggest clusterfuck produced in the last generation is the revised Homeland Security agency of GWB and company.
    Does the fact that Republican administrations and Congress have always, without exception, always produced the largest deficits in history mean nothing at all?
    Does it mean nothing that the current TARP cluster-give-away was a GWB and company program?
    Why don't you boys just sit down and shut up awhile so the rest of us can get some work done.

  2. "You right wingers"


    Wake up man, it's Hegelian dialectics, the bankers own both parties.

    Bush criminal AND Obama criminal. Both owned by same people.

  3. Democratic politicians are just as bought and paid for as the Republicans.

    Does this mean maybe you'll stop calling Obama and the Democrats socialists? Doubt it. I don't really care, except that I am a socialist and I can't stand Democrats.

  4. Mr. Charleston,

    If you think I'm a conservative Republican then you're functionally retarded. I want the DHS immediately abolished, along with the FBI, CIA, NSA and entire alphabet soup of authoritarian agencies. I wanted Bush impeached and tried for war crimes. I wanted to prosecute the torturers and release the secret photos our government covered up.

    Perhaps if you stopped following the mindless "Republican vs. Democrat" dichotomy like a lemming, you would notice what a tool he is.


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