Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Fundamentals of Voluntaryism

Voluntaryism is the doctrine that relations among people should be by mutual consent, or not at all. It represents a means, an end, and an insight. Voluntaryism does not argue for the specific form that voluntary arrangements will take; only that force be abandoned so that individuals in society may flourish. As it is the means which determine the end, the goal of an all voluntary society must be sought voluntarily. People cannot be coerced into freedom. Hence, the use of the free market, education, persuasion, and non-violent resistance as the primary ways to change people's ideas about the State. The voluntaryist insight, that all tyranny and government are grounded upon popular acceptance, explains why voluntary means are sufficient to attain that end.

Fundamentals of Voluntaryism


  1. I like the idea.
    I think it may be an almost attainable type of society.

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  3. It's a great idea (and I love Paterson, the God of the Machine is an incredible work) but unfortunately, we have a very large group of people in this country who are completely uninterested in interacting with their fellow man on terms of respect, reason, and mutual benefit.

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