Monday, August 24, 2009

Myths about health care...

An excellent article at the American Spectator refutes a number of them.

One more to add to the lengthy collection. Not that it will stop anyone from repeating the same misleading statistics and half-truths over and over.


  1. I'm so tired of this bullshit. I'm only going to address the main one that I'm so sick of hearing conservatives bitch about.

    How many millions of Americans are without healthcare? Who cares, there are millions without it. The most irritating and insulting:

    "The Census figures also show that 18.3 million of the uninsured were under 34. Some in this age group may have simply determined that they are young and healthy and thus can do without coverage."

    Fuck you. I'm 25 and have never even held a job that allowed me to afford health insurance. You think I don't want health insurance?

    This is the kind of shit that makes me pissed off liberals aren't the gun-toters. You people should be fucking shot and forced to just fucking live with it.

    You make me sick, and I can't even see a doctor about it.

  2. I'm British, Ginx. We've had government run medicine for sixty years and I can tell you right now that it's not a good system.

    - When someone needs cutting edge treatment, where do they get sent? AMERICA

    - To cut costs, hospital facilities are limited and given coverage over a larger area. For example, there are two hospitals in my county...but if you have a heart attack you now need to travel 20-30 miles (estimate) just to get to a facility that can take care of you.

    - Thanks to a combination of cost cutting and the inevitable hypochondriacs, drunks etc taking advantage of the free system, shortages of hospital beds occur, often leading to patients being left lying in corridors - sometimes to die in their own filth. Oh well.

    - It's a money sink. No matter how much money government spends on the health service, it always needs more, so it seems. But the quality/availability of healthcare is still not that great.

    - Denial of treatment. Planners decide what treatments are to be covered 'for free' and which are not. In one recent case, a woman with cancer lobbied the government because a particular expensive drug wasn't being made available for free as the health planners decided it wasn't worth the cost. She could barely afford the drugs herself, but hey maybe if taxes weren't at 40% for the average person, and regulations benefiting the profiteering big drug companies weren't in place...

    - Waiting times. People who have operable tumours and could be saved, often get put on waiting lists and just die.

    - Rationing of care. By the nature of socialist medical systems, only so much health care can be afforded. (As Thatcher said, "you eventually run out of other peoples' money".) So sometimes rather than supporting Granny as best they can until she dies, they just OD her with morphine to be 'humane'. Cruel, but that way they can use their limited resources on someone who can be saved...

    There's nothing, NOTHING, about socialism that is more humane or 'fair' than capitalism.

    The only way to help the empoverished, genuinely, is charity, which is wonderful and should be encouraged. Socialism is greed posing as charity. Think capitalism is greedy and evil? Just wait until government starts running everything.


  3. Oh, haha, I just said 'until government starts running everything'. Well, I know the government runs a lot of things right now. Meh, you get what I'm saying

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  5. *sigh* Don't post comments early in the morning, before taking your meds. That's my health care advice.

  6. When I first read your post, I thought you were saying *I* should be shot.

    Then I realized you were probably talking about the author of the article. Still pretty harsh, but meh.

  7. I don't want anyone shot, I just am tired of bullshit. You can come up with a thousand ways of distorting it, but socializing medicine would benefit more people than it would hurt.

    Single-payer may not be the best system, but it's better than what we have, for myself personally and millions of others like me, and that's a fact.



  9. You people should be fucking shot and forced to just fucking live with it.

    At least you're being open with the violence behind your ideology for once. But later,

    I don't want anyone shot...

    Sure you do. What if someone defends his property from your tax collectors?


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