Tuesday, August 11, 2009

One Single Payer System


  1. Can't believe I sat through something so stupid just so I could comment...

    Why disseminate idiocy? Why not actually address something in the plan you have a problem with, like the fact that they might fine people for not having insurance?

    I'll say it again, I want the plan people like you oppose, and it isn't an option that is on the table. The Democrats are not even considering single payer healthcare. Please untwist your panties, seriously.

    Why do I have to read (and even hear) complaining when there's no threat to your viewpoint? Private companies will be providing tyranny for charge for years to come, so relax: your backwards way of looking at the world isn't at risk here.

  2. Thanks for commenting, Ginx.

    Obama's stated goal is single payer, even though he may believe it's not possible to implement it in a single step.

  3. I see no quote or legitimate reason to believe this is his goal. I might consider supporting him if it was, but I know it is not.

    I scoured his policies on his website, which is more reliable to me than the LRC Blog. He may be secretly in support of it, like he may be secretly in support of enslaving the white race or secretly a foreigner, but I doubt it.

    Show me a video of the words coming out of his mouth, or a quote from a newspaper who actually reports facts, not biased garbage. If you find some, maybe I'll have an ounce of respect for the guy... before I denounce him for giving up on his ideals.

  4. Right here, Ginx.


  5. ...or a quote from a newspaper who actually reports facts, not biased garbage.

    I'll be sure to get all my facts from those paragons of objective reporting, the dead tree media, from now on! Thanks for the tip!

  6. Good job on the video. If you folks liked that one, perhaps you'll like this Dylan sendup.



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