Sunday, August 2, 2009

Snickers 100 Calorie Bars? Try 80

Sorry, Snickers, but I do need to bar some hunger, and for starters that means not consuming one of your great candy bars. After all, the King Size version has enough calories to sustain two people for about a week.

But I was in Target yesterday (while on a walk, stay tuned for full report) and saw something that caught my eye when I turned to the candy aisle.

I have so far resisted the over-priced "100 calorie" packaging trend (I'm still waiting for McDonalds to come out with a sack of 100 calorie Big Macs- though they probably would each be about the size of a dime) but now you have 100 calorie Snickers in a handsome little box. A masterpiece of marketing! You almost fooled me. Even at the ridiculous price of $3.00 a box, I nearly grabbed a couple. I saw there were 7 little Snickers in each box, but then, after a moments reflection, I remembered that there are already "bite-sized" candy bars on the market. I only had to literally turn around and there before me were packages of eight little Snickers for only $1.00. True, those are only 80 calories each, not 100, but you get one more bar than the box offers, and I don't mind sacrificing 20 calories to save two bucks.

Looks like I've triumphed over the 100 calories gimmick once again!


  1. This is a funny coincidence, but last night I had a weird/awesome dream where I bought a hundred frozen Snickers ice cream bars for some reason.

    Screw the low-cal stuff, load me up with that sweet sweet lard! :D

  2. I too try to avoid the 100 calorie pack fad, they are way overpriced. My mother's pantry is literally packed with them, which I find funny for some reason.

    I also love 3 Musketeer's attempt to lure me with a claim of less calories. Their package boasts 1/3 less calories than other bars, but then they are also a third smaller than other bars.

  3. I'm lucky - I've never counted calories in my life - and at $3 a box, I reckon you'd need around $10 worth to make it worthwhile...


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