Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Original Fascist

The Bible’s opening books describe, over and over again, how God torments the people — with plagues, hunger or bloody murder — for any doubt or disobedience. In this old Bible picture (above) — reproduced on a modern fundamentalist internet site — Moses leads the cold-blooded execution of 3,000 Israelites for questioning him and his God. And God follows up by killing even more with a plague. No mercy, no compassion, no forgiveness — just death for disobedience. If such rules were imposed today, it would be a nightmarish tyranny and horror for the people.

-from God the Original Fascist by A. Brooks


  1. I love how we call god a statist in one post, then a fascist in the very next. LOL.

  2. God the statist fascist?

    "If God really existed it would be necessary to abolish him."-Bakunin

  3. The original tyrant, and humanity's common enemy, is nature.

    Just as Carlin said, the planet doesn't need us. In fact, it's been trying to get rid of us for some time now. Fuck you, Earth.

    Let's go to Mars.


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