Saturday, August 29, 2009

Rise and Fall of the Dollar (1800-2009)

Sean Malone, a contributor to the Mises Institute blog, put together this amazing graph tracking the change in the dollar from 1800 until now, including explanations of why the rises and falls occurred.

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Click on the image to link back to the full-sized image from the Mises blog, which is much larger and actually readable.

(By the way, thanks to Sean for taking me on Skeptical Eye. This should be an interesting adventure into the blogosphere).


  1. Thank you, Erika. Welcome abroad the good ship Skeptical Eye. A ship of fools to some, perhaps, but to others, on the verge of hopelessness during this dark age of the State and every form of oppression, perhaps a ship of hope; not a great one, maybe, but maybe enough of one to inspire someone else, or to inform them of something they haven't seen or heard of before; to let someone dream of liberty, or just to let someone know they are not alone (and even sometimes to just make someone laugh, 'cause it certainly isn't all serious here either).

    I originally started this blog just to have fun, and that's still why I enjoy it, because it should be fun.

    I know that whether on big subjects or small, your contributions will be appreciated by all here.

    And thank you again for accepting the invitation.

  2. Keep posting things like this image and we'll all be looking forward to your posts. Congratulations on writing on this blog! I just started reading it, but it's an impressive work so far!


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