Saturday, August 1, 2009

Oh boy

This latest anti-capitalist rant from Tremblay is really over the top. Some highlights:

So why trust the system with your welfare, and your children's future. This system has failed. It will continue to fail. Is it really crating 4 million jobs? I very much doubt it, but even if it does, this country lost 5 million in a year.
Yeah, I know. Our worker will be re trained. To do what? The new jobs they're talking about will be highly skilled. Can everyone realistically be made into an engineer? Even if people are re trained, so what. No matter how good you are, you will NOT be hired by anybody for anything at 55 years of age. Most of the people losing out, are older workers. Capitalist society uses people, then discards them as they become more expensive, and less productive. Faithful service means nothing. Look at the plight of the common working stiff. Worker, are you valued by your boss? Enough to keep your job as you age? Our leaders want foreign slave labor, because to them money is god, and profit a form of worship.

This society is sick with greed. Its like a cancer eating away at us. Unless [we] find some other cause or way of life, our greed will destroy us, as it almost has now. Stuff doesn't matter! Soulless, lifeless things don't matter. People caring for each other is what matters. Especially family. Strong family ties will see a society thru, no matter what evil befalls them. Do the greedy care about anything but wealth? I sure haven't seen it. The rich and powerful, will always love their millions over their own people. Our country is living proof of this. Companies are still importing goods from overseas, as our own workers go hungry and homeless. Capitalism is EXPLOITATION, no more, no less. What can you expect of a system that encourages people to beat each other out to gain stuff. All the while those who lose suffer in deprivation.

This country is a land of want. The poor want to survive. The rich want everything, at the cost of the poor's very existence.

Whoops...did I say this rant was written by Tremblay? Just kidding. It's actually from the American Nazi Party. (I removed or replaced the few uses of the word "white.")

Can't tell the difference? I don't blame you.


  1. You nailed me.

    I clicked on the ANP link and read their version. For some reason, maybe because I knew what the site stands for, it seemed more hateful. Interesting exercise.

  2. I too think we need to crate more jobs... :P

  3. Another bizarre rant from the insane Cork. Apparently saying that capitalism is exploitative (a truism if there ever was one) is nazi. Oh well!

    Unfortunately, you forgot to delete all the parts about the family structure, which I have written against on my blog. If you're gonna make bizarre rants against me, at least have them be accurate, you lunatic.

  4. Cork, you insane lunatic, stop with the bizarre rants already!

    Don't you realize that socialism is nothing but love, love love? What has it got to do with the National Socialist Workers Party?

    So stop with the anti-Tremblay posts and learn from the rational, loving Francois. After all, I'm sure he has never written any bizarre anti-capitalist rants.


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