Monday, August 31, 2009

Warmonger Obama

We now learn that this month of August is the deadliest in terms of U.S. Military deaths in Afghanistan since the invasion of the country under Bush.

This is a conflict that our current Dear Leader, Messiah Obama, calls a "war of necessity". Let's not forget that this was the supposed anti-war candidate, The One who promised change. Another 6,000 troops are to be sent there by the end of the year.

If Obama were really Mr. Change, we would have seen something much different. What a perfect opportunity it would have been, coming into the office of the Presidency when Americans were war weary and had humiliated the Republican War Crazies at the polls. Obama could have proposed cutting the Pentagon budget in half and declared he was bringing the troops home. He could have said that we don't need an empire and that its cost is sinking us financially. He may have even had a chance to pass a Utopian government heath care plan, shifting money from the military to domestic spending. The people might have bought it. Instead, like the insane egomaniac Lyndon Johnson before him, he wants it all, guns and butter, and this will likely lead to his ruin, and ours.

h/t to Liberty Pulse

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