Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Just Some Stuff 7

If seven is the number of perfection does that mean this is the best Just Some Stuff ever?

I don't care much for Country music, never have really, though my dad was somewhat a fan when I was a kid and I did get hooked on Johnny Cash at an early age. We were at a dinner given by my dad's boss, a dwarf by the name of George who ran a small hardware store. Dad and I were all alone up north in a small town and he was working for this George repairing televisions and other appliances, sometimes in the basement of the store, sometimes out in the field, with the deer and the bear.

One time Dad almost got electrocuted on the job. Not that he didn't know his job, but Mr. George was not a careful man, and also put himself at risk. That's how my uncle (my dad's sister's husband) died. He was a repairman for Sears and one day he didn't come home. He was electrocuted in a stranger's house, while attempting to fix one of their modern conveniences. He'd been a repairman for at least thirty years at the time of the tragedy.

But back to Cash. At that dinner the boss said he DID NOT like Johnny Cash.

"I like Johnny Cash," Dad said, to no one in particular.

Heavenly Surprises

is there a heaven?
is there a hell?
is there a god?
who can tell?

Sign From God?

WWII. American solider hit by German shrapnel, which is deflected by a spoon in his pocket, upon which it lodges in a candy bar. The American is upset about the candy bar being ruined, but nevertheless falls on his knees and thanks God for the "miracle".

Anarchist Communism?

“The trouble is that what you call ‘anarchism’ is at best merely a hodge-podge, halfway position precariously suspended between socialism and anarchism. You yearn for the ego-sovereignty, the liberating individualism, that is the essence of anarchism, but remain captives of the democratic-proletarian-collectivist myths of socialism. Until you can cut the umbilical cord that still connects you to the socialist womb you will never be able to come to your full power as self-owning individuals. You will still be lured along the path to the lemonade springs and cigarette trees of the Big Rock Candy Mountains.”

A Critique of Anarchist Communism [PDF]


  1. Thanks for the follow!

    You have some good stuff linked here. I am not listening to the Youtube videos at the moment, as my better half has a Local H concert on in the background. But I think Cash is the man, and makes modern "country" people look lame and derivative. I think "Hurt", either in the original NIN or Cash's version, is definitely one of the top 100 songs of the 20th century. It just sums up soo much of what the 20th century was about.

    Good comics, also. :D Personally I think that if there is a God, he has a soft spot for atheists. Y'know, the sort of atheists who, if they died and encountered alleged God face-to-face, would say something like, "Well, sir, I was mistaken, but I surely didn't see it given the evidence I had, so I suppose the joke's on me." And alleged God would be all "Ha, I know, right? It was frickin crazy down there in the physical universe, people saying I said shit I totally never said. But we're cool, no hard feelings, here's Heaven anyway."

    I know a lot of Christians would disagree with me, but that's what I think.

    The thing with anarchy, is that it always devolves into feudalism. "Nature abhors a vacuum"--and lack of a generally accepted authority means any strongperson is free to set themselves up a little fiat by virtue of the fact that no one is there to say them nay. True anarchy, like true communism, only really works when it's implemented within a pre-existing community of persons who already know and trust one another to an impressively high degree. Otherwise authoritarian assholes swoop in to fill the power vacuum, and everything sucks for everybody.

  2. Thanks for the comment.

    On anarchy, many of the criticisms have been answered. See the links here, for example.

    Otherwise authoritarian assholes swoop in to fill the power vacuum, and everything sucks for everybody.

    You mean, like the government assholes in charge now?


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