Saturday, August 8, 2009

Frank Schaeffer: free speech is "irresponsible"

It really is pathetic how the leftwing has turned every bit as reactionary as the rightwing during the Bush years.

Rightwing fascist turned leftwing fascist (what a difficult journey!) Frank Schaeffer tells us how irresponsible we are for refusing to follow our "leader" off the cliff (h/t LRC):

The Nazi/fascist/Hitler comparisons are irresponsible? Well then all I can say is this post is really, REALLY f-ing irresponsible!

The comparisons wouldn't exist at all if they weren't apt.


  1. amen Brother, tell it like it is.
    hope this does not get me on Joe McCarthy's list.

  2. I would like to revise and extend my remark... I was praising the first video not the hyped up second and thrid. I did not watch them longer than the first 15 seconds. Like looking at an old fat whore, with gin blossoms, can leave a bad scar on a beautiful mind.

    By the way, Leni Riefenstahl lived the last 40 years of her life in Africa, amount the most primative of tribes. Her book 'Africa' is a masterpeice. I highly recommend it.


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