Tuesday, August 25, 2009

OK, so Ted Kennedy is dead

I'm never happy when someone dies, but it's so disgusting the way the media treats politicians compared to the rest of the population. If someone in your family were to die tomorrow, few people would hear a thing about it. But when a politician thug dies, it's BREAKING NEWS and every program must be interrupted to tell us about it. Do you remember back when that imperialist putz Reagan died? The media wouldn't let us hear the end of it.

I have had it with all the airports, museums and roads named after politicians, as if there's anything "noble" about what these little Eichmanns do for a living. Politicians are the most worthless group of hacks, weasels, liars, thieves and murderers in existence on the planet. They contribute absolutely nothing whatsoever to society. When they start dropping like flies, it's more tempting to celebrate than mourn.

Here's a deal for all of you who want socialized medicine: take the bloated and undeserved salary (and benefits) of each and every politician in the country and give it to those who are uninsured. Maybe then I would be more sympathetic!

The situation reminds me of a snippet from an old STR column:

People die every day, and no one outside of their immediate family and friends seem to care. But when fearless, brave, stoic government workers die--whoa, hold the press! Suddenly a national period of mourning must commence, and we must all stop and realize how precious life really is and why NASA must get more funding.


(Note: this post isn't so much directed at Kennedy in particular, but the treatment of any and all politicians when they die.)


  1. Great points, Cork. It seems only government officials and politicians deserve real adulation.

    I've often wondered, for example, why great Americans other than political figures don't appear on our worthless currency. Why not Mark Twain on the five in place of the despicable Dishonest Abe? But I know the answer; the State only honors its own.

    I was listening to the radio a few minutes ago, and as the news of Senator Kennedy's death was being reported, the list of politicians from both major parties lauding him made clear to me that the governing class is just one big, happy family.

    It reminded me of something Gerald Celente said about the Republicans and Democrats:

    "It is like watching the World Wrestling Federation. They pretend to be arch-enemies on the stage. After the cameras go off, they do their deals together. There is very little difference between the two parties."

  2. Ted Kennedy was a scheming politician down to his last days. He recently sent a letter to the MA state legislature, attempting to get them to pass legislation that would require Governor Deval Patrick to appoint his successor. In 2004, he worked to get it changed so the people of MA would hold a special election if John Kerry was elected President, as he did not want Mitt Romney to appoint a Republican Senator. The Republic may just be a bit safer today.

  3. The "Great Dem Snake" is dead!

    Think of words like: Mary Jo!

    "There was a certain rich man that died and lifled up his eyes in Hades...." (well, you know the story)

  4. Where was this venom when Jackson died? Or Reagan? Oh wait, I did have a party when Reagan died...

    Okay, carry on.

    P.S. Three liquor stores in MA have already closed due to expected loss of business.

  5. How to get a good press? Die, that's how.
    It's all hypocritical bullshit.

  6. Great comments everyone!

    Three liquor stores in MA have already closed due to expected loss of business.


  7. A previous commenter summed it up quite well:

    "the State only honors its own"

    Watching who contributes to the excesses that are almost certain to come in the wake of Kennedy's death is a good way to identify the State's lackeys and sycophants.

    (NB: I am CorkyAgain, not Cork.)

  8. I couldn't agree more- they are all sleazebags.


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