Thursday, January 6, 2011

What's Your Favorite Cheese?

This is the type of question that I know will get tons of responses. Probably get over 100 comments. There will be so many comments it will impossible to reply to them all. Okay, here we go!

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  1. NBC cheese is by far my favorite. Never Been Chewed.

  2. Cheddar.



  3. Colby jack to eat by itself, provolone on hot sandwiches. Pizza is a whole other story.

  4. Special event snack or regular use?

    Regular use.

    Ile de France goat cheese available almost everywhere, inexpensive, and makes a great bread/pizza topping (just not very stringy if you like that).

    Second choice is actually my favorite, but not available widely as it is an artisan product from Colorado, Haystack Mountain Red Cloud.

    Like blue goat cheese is a love it or hate it thing, some people hate the taste of goat milk and the cheese it makes.

    Special treat... I have not found a blue I don’t like, Bleu de Bresse with the rind?

  5. RB... why were you surprised to fall on the liberal side of the political compass test?

  6. Bret I don’t think I even know anymore.

    I am for the government staying out of everyone’s damn business, that includes the fact I don’t want them taxing me for wars of occupation, public “good” (like welfare, medical, redistribution), they have no place in marriage/sex/relationships, and I am vehemently against corporate “welfare”and the oligarchy.

    That test was skewed BTW.

    And what does cheese have to do with politics? I just happen to like cheese (and other fine things) as some like cigars or wine... and I’m not even gay... seems almost a waste.

  7. Where's the test? I'll take it.

    I agree with Radio Bloger on the staying out of my business. Stay out of our bedrooms too. Too big to fail??? No way... if they build crap, let 'em fail.

  8. Parmesan or provolone, I think. But there are few cheeses I dislike :)

  9. Let me start by saying, not a big cheese fan. In fact, I limit my dairy intake. Aside from not liking the taste, it doesn't always agree with my stomach. So I tend to consume it in cycles. One month I'll eat (probiotic coated) yogourt (because I seem to digest it better) and then I won't touch it for three months type thing.

    I don't and (rarely) drink milk.

    Mild cheeses are fine BUT only as part of a meal and never on their own. I won't eat a piece of cheese outright.

    I'll eat a cheeseburger but not the Kraft single on its own. Same with French onion soup and Gruyere. Edam and emmantaler on a pizza is tolerable up to a point.

    That all being said, brie is inoffensive. Camembert is alright too. Pargmiggiano (sinfully referred to as "parmesan" on this continent) shaved or grated on my food is tolerated - and really I have to admit it's a nice complement. Like Gran Padano or Asiago.

    Provolone or Swiss for my sandwiches.

    And then comes mozzarella, bocconcini and ricotta. My daughter loves cheese - her favorite is one called Caciocavallo. My wife likes one called Friulano.

    In most cases, like the main three above, it MUST be of the fresh of the day variety - again, for digestive reasons. Plus it tastes soooo much better. My parents have friends who make fresh ricotta and mozzarella - if the Canadian government had their way they'd ban the practice like they tried to ban the importing of parmiggiano a number of years ago.

    Parmiggiano (the real kind) is expensive.

    Anyway. There are hundreds upon hundreds of different kinds of French and Italian cheeses. Look up "list of" wiki for each. It's astounding. Too bad I'm not into it or I'd try them out.

    Long winded I know. Meh.


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