Thursday, January 6, 2011

New “government” people

Coffee shop talk - it changes. Here locally we have had several changes due to the election - bummer or not - we don’t know yet. I sucks lately as the regular bunch is just breaking apart, people move, elections change the faces, and who knows I may need to find a new morning joe stop that has internet access.

What sucks is for a community activist to have to try and create and make new relationships with new people, some who may be adverse or opposed to your particular viewpoints.

Today I was on the phone to several offices locally to try and get appointments for new things like public gatherings. Why you would ask? Because I don’t like it but I understand that for the comfort of the attending people and to keep everyone out of the paddy wagon it is best to “play the game” (did I say I did not like this crap?). I set my own schedule for working so I don’t have to worry about this for the most part but the local guy or gal who has a regular job on monday - well we want to keep them out of trouble and make sure we have them come back for a second event.

The secret to local action is that you have to make it fun, or easy, or present value to the participants, cooling time in the hoosegow is not helpful in gathering the locals. I think I would rather go back to not having anything to do locally, but I feel a need from time time to be an activist (better than watching TV methinks).

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