Monday, January 10, 2011

A Revolution in Language

I think the way individuals speak is up to them, so I’m a little pissed at immediate plans by some Democrats to legislate “violent speech.”

“But Ginx, you said…”

No, my dear retarded reader, you probably don’t know what I said, because when I write anything and read by you, it is immediately filtered through your dislike for me. You angle it left and take it to the most extreme possible interpretation and then assume I’m a fascist. You, sir, having no fucking clue what I say, ever.

What I have said time and again since the shooting is that public officials should stop with the violent rhetoric.

Case in point: “The War on Violent Language.” I haven’t heard any Democrats actually use this terminology, and I suspect it’s a right-wing construct meant to demonize the left, but it’s still a perfect example. The government declares war on all our problems… so maybe if they want the population to not be so violent, they could realize there are ways of solving things without war.

Also, I believe very firmly that all regulations should first apply to the government and its officials before the general population. In the case of violent speech, I think the only people who truly need to abide by the rule of not speaking violently are public officials. Why? Well…

You should kill Sarah Palin.

I just don’t see anyone reading what I have to say and going out and doing it. In fact, I suspect there is a higher probability of you hunting me down and killing me than of you killing Sarah Palin because I told you to do so. What’s more, government officials are public servants, they are not above us, they are below us, working for us. Most politicians forget this, but that is the proper dynamic in a functioning democracy. So if they have more restrictions than me, that’s how I like it.

But frankly, I don’t want legislation drawn up. I would rather Republicans (and any Democrats thinking about emulating them) to not use violent speech by choice. Even better, I wish Americans were level-headed and civil enough to not elect people who favor aggressive rhetoric, but we aren’t. We mistake tough talk for being capable of real results, and the end result is usually a congress full of dogs with all bark and no bite.

Maybe it’s time to make an appointment with the vet for a neutering…


  1. Aww, I hope you guys fucking die and rot, too.

  2. We should try and rate posts as if we were grading a paper for a class. People don't though (or at least, I suspect they don't 90% of the time). If they disagree with you, they rate poorly, even if you wrote and expressed yourself well. If you wrote a badly written and argued post, though, as long they agree with it, you'll get a great rating.

    Now, maybe almost every post you write is total crap, Bret, but my suspicions lean in the other direction for the explanation for all the one star ratings. Or maybe people just don't like it when you call them retarded, who knows.

    I would say you sometimes do argue poorly, but most of your posts still deserve more than one star, or at least two. :)

  3. No, just keep giving me 1's and 4's, I have that system figured out.

    I would also point out I'm often not trying to argue. I'm not expecting to "convert" anyone, not that I have anything to convert people to (not a Democrat, never met a "left-winger" or liberal that I agreed with very often, though I never met a Republican, right-winger or conservative that I agreed with on anything...).

    Honestly, I don't take the stars personally. If anything (and I hesitate to say this...) I'm worried when something I write gets no ratings at all. The only thing worse than someone's disapproval is their indifference.

  4. Okay, now that I look more closely at your post, I see the reference to Sarah Palin. Perhaps too subtle for some? See this post that mentions your "disgusting" one: Crazed Liberals: Palin Must be "Assassinated".

  5. "The only thing worse than someone's disapproval is their indifference.”

    Your narcissism is showing...

  6. Nikk, your comment confuses me...

    Although I like the link. It's hilarious watching conservative right-wingers fawn over their bitch queen.

    "Oh no, they threatened our goddess, how offensive!"

    Oh please...


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