Saturday, January 15, 2011

Question of the Day: Cats or Dogs?

Even if you like both (and I don't know, but the majority seem to be firmly in one camp or the other) which do you like more?

I have a little blue glass cat sitting on my desk at work, and when I was training a new hire recently she asked me about it. I explained that it was in honor of all the cats I've known. Cats fascinated me from a young age, including their propensity to drop dead after going into convulsions (get your cat vaccinated!).

I remember the milk goats out in the old barn, and how the barn cats would try and steal the milk right out of the bucket. My first real cat was named Rascal. He died after a short illness in which he went in circles for a few minutes, then dropped to the floor and became stiff as a board. I should never have named a later favorite cat after him, cause Rascal II got run over by my mom in the driveway, after which he went in circles and dropped dead.

I haven't had a cat since the last one got eaten by a coyote.

The new hire mentioned how she owned a dog.


  1. I absolutely LOVE dogs! My family and I have a collie rough (just like Lassie!) and she is super sweet. The only downside to dogs is that they require much more work since they need more attention than a cat. Cats a more independent but dogs are more affectionate! :)

    Btw, I love cats as well but I am definitely more of a dog person. I've never owned a cat but plan on getting one as soon as I move out!

  2. Dogs! They're so much more friendly. Cats are independent and ignore you a lot of the time, but dogs are a lot like people and will spend as much time as they can with you :D


  3. I had two cats growing up.

    So by default...cats.

  4. That was me, T.C. Cats were what I had growing up. I never had a dog.


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