Friday, January 14, 2011

Herman Who?

ABC News’ Rick Klein reports: Talk show host and businessman Herman Cain yesterday announced that he’s forming a presidential exploratory committee, with an eye on challenging for the Republican nomination in 2012.

On ABC’s “Top Line” today, Cain – the former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza – said he’s planning to use the coming months to determine his support among voters and donors.

He said he’s “confident” that he could defeat President Obama.

Herman Cain: ‘Confident’ I Can Beat Obama

He may be confident, but I'm not even sure he could beat the head of Domino's Pizza. I'm sure he could do no worse (and probably much better) than the current sociopath that occupies the White House, though.

I tried to embed the video of the interview with the deluded Herman, but the ABC News video (which you can find here) and which allows embedding, seems to be all about Obama the mass murderer and war criminal's hypocritical speech on the Arizona shootings.

At the ABC News YouTube Channel embedding has been disabled on all videos (it seems) and comments disabled as well. And dinosaurs like ABC "news" wonder why they are dying!

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