Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Sunday Post

Well, it's a bit quiet around here, today, isn't it? No doubt a direct result of Bret's absence finally sinking in...

I have been doing the laundry for a few weeks now without a dryer, ever since it went out and repairman money wasn't available. I have to take the wet clothes out of the washer when they're done and hang them up in the garage to dry on a system of lines I've strung up. It works pretty good if you like looking at stained socks, tee shirts and undershorts with holes in them every time you need to go get something out there. The clothes get dry, but damn the towels come out like stiff sandpaper! Taking a bath has now lost all the excitement it once had, due to the torture device that waits on the towel rack when I'm done.

On a more puzzling note, I'm now going to post the following sentence, and you tell me what it means, okay? Will the card parallel the nicer interference?

Oh, I also was doodling away at my desk at work last week and came up with this: Potassium Protein Loaf. What common baked item does that refer to? Your answer can appear in the comments if you want it to; you have the power!

Speaking of puzzles, does anyone out there still work those old-fashioned jigsaw puzzles? I have spent many happy hours with them, going back to a time when we'd do them as a family, or sometimes just my sister and I. I remember those Big Ben puzzles put out by toy giant Hasbro. They were always a photograph of some foreign location (or so it seemed to me) like doing the puzzle was the poor person's substitute for the world travel that they'd never be able to afford. One of the first ones I remember doing was of a bunch of boats somewhere in the Mediterranean (maybe). That was a hard one. I still find those photo puzzles more difficult than the ones of pretty, soothing paintings of country scenes of small town life where people are ice skating and roasting chestnuts on an open fire. The photo ones I did always had large expanses of blue sky, too, so that half the puzzle seemed to be just sky. Come on! How the hell am I gonna put it together when half the pieces look alike?

I'm "doing" a jigsaw puzzle now that is sitting on a table out near the living room. I bought it because I have such fond memories of drive-in movies, and if this was a weekend from my childhood, I'd be asleep in the backseat in my pajamas with a giant pillow next to my sister as my parents watched naked people rolling around on the floor in some boring R rated flick. Here's the puzzle I've had sitting out for weeks with only three pieces (out of 1000) put together so far:

I know I'll finish it eventually. If I were still a Christian, though, I'd be worried that I might not complete it before Jesus returns. I might have speculated, though, on whether or not my puzzle would go up with me in the rapture. I could have pictured Peter, Paul and Mary helping me on it. Yeah, I really could have.

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