Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bible Q-n-A: No Rapture!

Also, nothing in scripture about gluttony being a sin.


  1. at least he sticks to his book of dogma.

  2. I can give you an entire breakdown of Revelation if you like but most of the folks who sell all the "end times" stuff have no clue what Revelation was about or what it was meant to say. While this guy is right to some extent, but he gives no foundation for his answer other than "it's not in the Bible". You gotta do better than that if you really want to debate Revelation. Revelation was a "last warning" and "time is up" message to the Jews who were persecuting he 1st century church. Revelation was prophetic but only regarding the 1st century Church and the coming destruction of Jerusalem and the punishment of the Jewish people by the destruction of 70A.D. and the Bar Kohba revolt of the early 2nd Century. There will has been and will be a rapture, but not how Hagee and "the Left Behind" fiction books say. Hagee predicted nuclear war between Israel and Iran a decade ago based on Revelation. What happened?

    I appreciate your membership over at ALN (allied liberty news). The whole pre and post election time has been a "break time" for us there. We co host the blog from Florida, Missouri, and Sweden. My Missouri co-host just visited me here in Florida which was purely vacation so the blog has been empty for a bit but now as things change both socially and politically, we should have much more to discuss. As far as ALN goes, we are loyal to no political party, we don't buy into the whole "left vs right" social dogma and stick to a "Right vs Wrong" debate. As for politically, we lean closer to "libertarian" than "left" or "right" but we emphasize "Read, Think, and Question everything you hear, and question us as well

  3. Drackar, yeah, and there are so many ways to interpret it that it's hard to be "wrong".

    Andrew, thanks for the comment. I (mostly) agree with your more historical view of Revelation.

    I'll be sure and check out ALN again, as well. Thanks for the update.


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