Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Invasion of the Pot People

I posted before about a new tenant at the building where I work. Seems something strange was going on inside the suite they occupy. A shiny new sign on the door read: Healing, but no one came in or out, except for odd odors, one of which smelled like dirty diapers. Was it a front for a diaper fetish sex club? Well, the mystery deepened when shortly afterward, a security guard showed up at the front entrance not to the new business, but to the whole building. He sits on a chair most of the time, doing nothing at all; a useless, unarmed idiot. He gets up and opens the door for everyone, whether you're leaving or entering. During the week he is there only after dark, but he now appears on the weekends too, though he is there all day on Saturday.

I leave the building to get fresh air on my breaks and lunch, so every time I exited, the jackass got up and opened the door, repeatedly saying "have a good one" like I was leaving for the day. What a moron.

A few of us discussed what it was all about. Had there been a break-in recently that compelled the building management to take action and put a guard at the door? Didn't seem likely for several reasons. Then it occurred to us that the "natural healing" place was really a medical marijuana dispensary. Were they afraid of being robbed? Is there a state law requiring such places to have security guards? Actually, the "guard" is more of a doorman, and needed by any business that has customers arriving after regular business hours or on the weekend, for at those times the building's front glass doors lock and cannot be opened without one of the cards issued only to employees of the various businesses in the building. This place is open after six in the evening and on weekends, so they have to have someone standing by to open the door for the "patients".

It was later confirmed that it is indeed a pot store. It shouldn't be too long now before many of my co-workers get their medical marijuana cards and take advantage of the convenience of being able to get their medicine without having to make a special trip.


  1. Why, oh why, can't they move into my building?

    Or my house?

    Thanks for this prime update.

    Love ya,


  2. Thanks, Suzan! Word is the place has some real high quality stuff. To be truthful, it's not my thing, but I do enjoy seeing what amounts to nullification of Federal "law" in action.


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