Saturday, November 6, 2010

Education, creativity and ADHD?

From CDC - State-based Prevalence Data of ADHD Diagnosis

The ADHD Map of the US - darker colors higher numbers.


  1. What would be interesting is to see if there's a correlation between this map and education ranking

  2. Or a correlation between ADHD per capita, and Rx pharma sales per capita.

    ADHD is a phantom, a category created in order to justify a social treatment style. The treatment style consists of this: (1) find problem child; (2) diagnose problem child with ADHD; (3) give Rx to change the child's behavior; (4) declare the problem solved without ever examining the child's psychological workings and how they relate to the child's home environment.

    I'd be interested in what Alice Miller would say.

  3. DOH! I should've watched the video first. I was being a little redundant above, given the video's theme.


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