Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Why Is There Nothing Rather Than Something?

Why? From our earliest years we ask questions. Why is the sky blue...why do birds sing...who made God? The answers are sometimes based on fact, but in many cases we receive an invented answer from someone-a parent when we are very young-who hasn't a clue but is afraid of declaring "I don't know".

All of the questions of the above type are merely little versions of the ultimate why, which is, why is there anything at all?, though it's often expressed as Why is There Something Rather Than Nothing? But most often, those who ask it have a ready answer: God. Which is very curious, as I've never encountered a religious person who believes there was ever a time when there was nothing. On the contrary, there was always a big something according to such people.

The devastating reply should be obvious to the unbiased. Why is there a God rather than nothing?

So, why is there nothing rather than something? You're puzzled perhaps? The question is nonsense, you say? There isn't "nothing", there's something. But that's the point. There is no such thing as "nothing". There is existence, and to ask any question at all presupposes it.

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