Saturday, June 13, 2009

Is it safe to denigrate Muhammad yet?

Remember back when idiot Muslims rioted all over the place and killed people over a few (hilarious) cartoons mocking their stupid beliefs? Every media milquetoast was horrified of offending them. Even Comedy Central wouldn't touch it with a 20-foot pole (they censored South Park).

I, too, was offended by the anti-Islam cartoons. I was offended because they weren't sufficiently disrespectful to the laughingstock that is Islam.

masterpieces are from a contest held at Right-Thinking a few years back. So what ever happened to the "denigrate Mohammed" movement? It's as if people just forgot about it, which is a shame, because there's a lot of comedic opportunity here.


  1. Well, Cork, if you were planning to offend people (some people, anyway) I think you succeeded with this post.

    Perhaps just a link to the site where they were originally posted would have been better than choosing to post a couple of those here?

    I would like to write some articles dealing with Islam and its origins and history and beliefs from a skeptical perspective to post here. Any suggestions for specific topics anyone?

    As for Right-thinking, would some of those contributors be offended by anti-Jesus cartoons/art (Piss-Christ, anyone?).

  2. Right-Thinking is actually quite hostile to religion in general (not just Islam). The site lost so many offended Christian readers, that the owner changed the address to "" for some time, as a joke. :D

  3. Thanks for clarifying that. It seemed more conservative than libertarian, so I figured they were pro-Christianity somewhat. Maybe the name Right-Thinking (as in Right-Wing?) threw me off.

  4. It's sort of a libertarianish-conservative blog. I don't agree with everything there, but it often entertains me.

  5. hope you have done which jesus wouldn't like and my dear i would have to admit that you r not going anti-islam first but going as a anti-jesus Hope God will so u right path.And peace be upon Jesus on whose name u are misconcepting these things.


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