Friday, June 12, 2009

Oh, the smoke rings we'll blow

So the "hard left" liberal Democrats are finally running the show.

Have they ended US imperialism? No.
Have they shut down the US empire? No.
Have they uttered a single syllable of apology for the hundreds of thousands of innocents that have been murdered, raped, decapitated, and tortured by the US military? No.
Have they abolished the CIA or DHS? No.
Have they restored the Bill of Rights? No.
Have they reduced the unaccountable power our out-of-control executive branch has acquired? No.
Have they ended the racist war on drugs? No.
Have they ended corporate welfare or privileges? God no.
Have they taken any semblance of a stance against torture? Of course not.

They haven't done anything worth a damn. But they can take away your tobacco!

Thank goodness they're going to use the iron fist of the nanny state to smack us in the right direction. At least Ralph Nader will have slightly less godawful columns to write--he'll get to move on to the other 234,543,654,231 industries he wants to shut down.

It sure is a good thing the Democrats are in charge, instead of those rotten Republicans.

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  1. Cork, you're posting some really good stuff! KEEP IT UP!


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