Wednesday, June 17, 2009

When to believe in miracles

Never! Unless a miracle happens right in front of you, and you catch it on videotape, and you aren't delusional, and it isn't some kind of magical illusion (a la David Blane). Not that there's any chance of that ever happening.

Thus, it goes without saying that there's no reason to believe that any the miracles in the Bible happened. None. I don't care if there were "witnesses." Even today, there are delusional people who make outrageous claims about things they've supposedly "witnessed." Just look at the massive number of idiots who believe in ghosts and conduct seances. Nuff said.

If we laugh at "divine witnesses" today, why on Earth would we take the "witnesses" of the ancient past seriously? People back then were as gullible, irrational, and fearful as it gets. Add in the dubious history of Christianity's emergence, and we have even less of a reason to believe.

For whatever reason, Christians find it hard to accept that their magic book was written--badly--by humans. Well...the kazillion other religions are obviously man-made, are they not? Whether you're an atheist or a theist, one thing is for certain: they can't all be true. Thus, we have a ton of hucksters out there inventing religions. This is an absolute indisputable FACT.

All of them speak of miracles, gods, supernatural beings, and other silliness. And what a coincidence: all of this miraculous hokum happened long ago, without a trace of evidence!

"Don't think, just believe!"

No. I refuse to believe in their bullshit. The only evidence they've given us is mere say-so.

Say-so is not enough for me to believe in all of these miracles. If it is for you, then you're simply a fool.

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  1. people today who experience 'miracles' are not really because of spiritual (or magical) but rather psychological.


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