Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cork On The Strange "Evolution" of Francois Tremblay

Once upon a time, there was a guy named Francois. If you were into libertarianism, you had heard of him. He had an excellent show about atheism that I listened to all the time. He was also a hard-core market anarchist, and helped write an absolutely splendid blog called The Radical Libertarian (which is still around).

Today, he sucks. Ok, so that's narrowing it down pretty far. LOL. But as one looks at the Francois disaster from afar, one must ask: how did it all happen? How did an Objectivist-turned-market-anarchist (who should know better) reach this horrid state?

The strange "evolution" of Francois


  1. Is he still married to Hellbound Allee? I spoke to them on Skype a few years back. I found him to be on a different planet than I was.

  2. Yes, they are still married, from all indications and as far as I know.

    He is a strange bird, that's for sure.


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