Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ah, the marvel of god's "design"

I usually hate blogging (or even reading) about these types of doomsday stories, because they're just depressing.

That being said, let's look at the wonder of god's "design" this week:

Venus or Mars might smash into Earth in an attack triggered by movements of Mercury. These rogue planets could attack us in as little as 3.5 billion years, according to news reports of a scientific paper published this week in the scientific journal Nature.

Tell me, theists: what kind of inept idiot of a "creator" would have come up with a design this shitty? Doesn't this make your precious deity a bit of an incompetent moron?


  1. Oh, as little as 3.5 billion years!!! I'll start panicking now then.

    What a load of twaddle.

  2. Well, our Sun is supposed to burn out in about 5 billion years, and the time left for biological life on earth could be less than half of that.

    If the human race were to survive for millions more years--let alone billions-- which I doubt it can or will, by that time we as a species would have surely found a way to leave our solar system anyway.

    So no, I agree with Em, it doesn't worry me.

    Besides, the real flaw in creation, if there is one like that, is the threat of asteroids, which could take us out in our lifetime. Now that's something to worry about (at least a little).

  3. Right. My point wasn't that we should be shaking in our boots, but that "god's design" (constantly used as proof of god's existence) is absolutely craptacular, to the point where it's downright humorous.

  4. That's always a good point to make, Cork, and I agree with you. I was kind of responding to Em.

    On the other hand, God does work in mysterious ways, so he must have a reason for it all, right?


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