Saturday, June 20, 2009

LRC should stick to politics

Lew Rockwell's site is great, but I find that a lot of the non-political articles (on "health," etc) are pure quackery. Today, the science/health article tells us that we shouldn't bother shampooing our hair. Um.....ok.

If you consistently followed LRC's daily health advice, you would probably either be dead in a dumpster or suffering from multiple diseases. I wish they would just stick to politics.

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  1. I once asked Rockwell why he had to post so many anti-atheist articles, and he basically told me to go to hell.

    He said his website was his "hobby site" and that if I didn't like the Christian bias I should start my own site (which I sorta did with this blog).

    I think Lew likes all that "alternative" health stuff partly because he sees so many of its advocates and practitioners as rebels who often face persecution by the FDA and other arms of Leviathan, so he naturally (no pun intended) sees them as anti-state.

    The worst stuff he publishes though are the occasional anti-evolution screeds.


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