Sunday, June 28, 2009

What do people think of this?

I frequently read Weird nut Daily as more of a source of entertainment than a source of news. Occasionally there is something there that I agree with but more often than not it is just propaganda for the right wing brand of big government, ant-freedom scumbuckets. However this is one of those that I agree with. According to my best estimate the advice given on answering the census is constitutionally correct, however I am not a lawyer. Is there anyone reading with a bit more expertise than I who might be able to clarify, what a citizen must answer on the census? I for one would prefer not to answer more than the constitution requires. Specifically the number of people in the household and how many are of voting age. However I would like to know what the law requires and what actual penalties I can expect for not answering the more intrusive and unconstitutional questions.


  1. If you ask me, the answers have been used time and again by people who study sociology to disprove conservative ideas. That is why I think there is a push to not answer them; we might find out our pre-conceived notions are wrong.

    The government isn't going to hunt you down based on how you answer (or don't answer). Take it from a Commie Atheist, I'm going to answer truthfully because all they use the data for is academia. If you don't, you only under represent yourself.

  2. @Ginx

    Actually I am not so much concerned with how they use them as whether they have any right to require that I answer.

    It is not a matter of worrying about my information, anything I might answer is harmless to the point of boredom. My concern is that the census is a constitutional duty of the government and a legal obligation of the citizens to answer and yet it is being used for consumer research, marketing data and a whole wealth of other things beyond what is allowed for by the constitution.

    I oppose every area in which the government oversteps it's constitutional authority, governments is like a wild bear. It will eat anything that you don't keep away from it. You may willingly offer it a little taste but it is going to take whatever it can get and maul you if you get in it's way. The best protection is to not feed the bear in the first place.


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