Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bernie Sanders is after your health care

Oh boy. I just finished watching a horrid interview with Bernie Sanders (available here) where he uncritically regurgitated every health care myth and leftist talking point in the book.

A few weeks ago, I threw together a somewhat comprehensive post showing just how misleading Sanders' statistics and comparisons are. Sanders has either never bothered to read a rebuttal to a single one of his arguments, or he's just flat-out lying through his teeth.

Just to use a brief example: Sanders is angry that the US spends more money on health care than other countries. He doesn't mention the horrifying ways in which other countries "save money:" by giving their patients cheap drugs instead of surgery (regardless of how many lives it endangers), skipping blood screening tests (even if it means giving patients AIDS-infected blood), denying care to vast numbers of sick and dying citizens, and so on. It is surprising that a leftist would want to "cut costs" by ripping out someone's feeding tube.

Sanders could care less about innovation being crushed flat, regardless of all the people it will kill. To make an omelette, you have to break a crap-load of eggs, eh Bernie?

This is not to say that I support the current health care system in the US, which is nothing close to a real free market. But the Bernie Sanders road is not healthy.

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