Friday, June 12, 2009

A "Compassionate" Health Care System

Canadian Brian Lee Crowley says: "The reality is that we've created a system--and this is true of every monopoly I've ever looked at--that's run in the interests of the people who run the system rather than the interests of the consumers who are trying to use it. In the Canadian system you're not a customer because you don't have a choice."

Single payer and other government solutions to the "health care crisis" can sure sound appealing on the surface, but we have to dig deeper and really think about what the consequences will be if we adopt something that doesn't allow people who are dissatisfied to "take their business elsewhere".

Brian Lee Crowley (Halifax, Novia Scotia, Canada) from BigGovHealth on Vimeo.

video via The Radical Libertarian

Canadian blogger The Commentator writes:

For all you people who defend the government's "compassionate" health care system, here's another story I offer. My grandfather recently had a stroke and was admitted to Notre-Dame hospital. He's extremely ill but will live.

The care, in our view, has been less than stellar. He feels like he's being poorly treated...

Now he's trapped. It's not like we can go to another hospital. So we had to hire a private nurse to watch over him over night.

How ironic! Within the public system, we have to use a private service. Evil!

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