Monday, June 15, 2009

Conservapedia's hilarious entry on atheism


In a nutshell, we are: mass murdering Communists, charity-hating grumps, promiscuous, suicidal, mentally ill, immoral party animals (ok, maybe they're right about that last one).

And did you know that the "evolutionary position" is "losing public support?"

Funny stuff.


  1. Don't forget "completely unfit for public office," despite seperation of church and state.

  2. Funny how I keep seeing the same faces at my blog- you'd think they'd've suicided by now.

  3. PF, you know that is because deep down we really know there is a god and we just want to keep sinning. That is why we don't commit suicide. Duh!

  4. So what makes you think you simply aren't conforming to the atheist group-think? Even down to the lie, "you can't get two atheists to agree on anything." Besides denying the existence of God in their lives, atheists almost fanatically agree that you can't get any two atheists to agree on anything.

  5. You can get two atheists to agree on plenty of things. You just can't get ALL of them to agree on most things.

    Any atheists support rape? No? Okay, there's one, and it's not even in the Bible.

  6. Get two theists in a room and all they'll agree on is that the other one is going to hell.


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