Saturday, June 13, 2009

Put a pickle in my ass?

Someone did a Google search for "put a pickle in my ass" and ended up at my pickle story.

Were they looking for a how-to on shoving a pickle where the sun don't shine? Did they want other's pickle-in-ass experience stories?

Have you, dear reader, ever put a pickle in your ass?

Am I missing something? I've never in my entire life had any cucumber, pickled or not, in my ass.


  1. Oh well. I make a point to contribute to your blog more frequently and find that the current topic is beyond my expertise. I am completely unfamiliar with enjoying pickle anally. My love for the vegetable is intense but does not extend so deeply. Pun intended.

    Honestly I understand what you mean. I have an older post entitled "Are your children f#@%ing stupid? Whose fault is that?" It is about people blaming the media for their parenting failures, and is completely innocent. However I get a lot of traffic resulting from various combinations of the words "children" and "f#@%ing". I find that very sad but I hope at least they will stop and read my blog instead of going on to find what they were looking for.

  2. Somehow, I have the feeling that whoever searched for that wasn't a busty Swedish blonde.


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