Thursday, June 18, 2009


A Belgian girl claims she had 56 stars inked on her face against her will after falling asleep in the tattoo parlor.

via Strawberry Anarchy

From one of the comments at Strawberry Anarchy:

It might look kind of cool now, but what will her face look like 40 years from now? I hope she's able to have some removed...But when you look at who the tattoo artist was, I'm not that surprised.

I'll pay for half those star tattoos to be removed, says the man who engraved 56 on 18-year-old girl's face


  1. Amazing post and very funny too. This guy in the pic looks so..what to :)

  2. Hi Aswani,

    Thanks for the comment. It was just such a strange story so I wanted to pass it along to my readers who hadn't yet seen it.

  3. Oh... lol.. This is a very interesting post and the pictures are indeed strange.

  4. i cant really understand why would they do that. art?


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