Friday, June 19, 2009

Toss Those Obama T-shirts in the Trash

It’s time to toss those Obama t-shirts in the trash.

On Monday the Democrat controlled House voted 226-202 to approve a rushed $106 billion dollar war spending bill, guaranteeing more carnage in Iraq and Afghanistan (and lately Pakistan) until September 30, 2009, which marks the end of the budget year. The Senate voted overwhelmingly in favor of the bill’s first draft last month, with the final vote on a compromised version to occur in the Senate sometime in the next couple of weeks.

The majority of opposition in the House came from Republicans who opposed an add-on to the bill that would open up a $5 billion International Monetary Fund line of credit for developing countries. This opposition in the House led Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on Tuesday to quip, “It’ll be interesting to see what happens here. Are my Republican colleagues [in the Senate] going to join with us to fund the troops? I hope so.”

No longer can the blame for the turmoil in Iraq and Afghanistan rest at the feet of George W. Bush alone. This is now Obama’s War on Terror, fully funded and operated by the Democratic Party.

These Are Obama’s Wars Now

That old fraud and hypocrite, the dishonorable Harry Reid, actually pulled the "support the troops" crap. When are all those Bush and Cheney hating "liberals" going to openly start protesting warmonger and mass-murderer Obama? (To be fair, a few--but far too few--are protesting).

Isn't it funny how the left is only really anti-war when Republicans are in charge.


  1. I don't think anyone who voted for him feels this way.

    I didn't even vote for him, and I sure don't blame him. Is he supposed to just march them out overnight? I clearly oppose the wars, I'm just curious.


  2. I didn't even vote for him, and I sure don't blame him.

    But Ginx, this is the kind of attitude I'm talking about. No, Obama is not to blame for starting the mess, but if he continues the policies and even expands them (20,000 more troops ordered to Afghanistan by Commander-in-Chief Obama) then at some point he has to be held responsible.

    Is he supposed to just march them out overnight?

    ASAP! Which is not, sorry, what he is doing or intends to do.

  3. Is he supposed to just march them out overnight?



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