Friday, June 12, 2009

The nutty right: making the anti-state movement look bad

The left-wing has developed a tendency to lump any critics of the state in with conspiracy theorists, anti-Semites, survivalists, and right-wing extremists--a group I would label the "nutty right." The nutty right is full of extreme social conservatives and bigots who are willing to use violence to achieve their goals. While they are often labeled as being "anti-government," that's hardly the case. Most of them are more than happy to use the state to oppress the groups and activities they don't like. To lump fascists and National Socialists in with libertarians clearly does not make any sense.

The nutty right opposes the Federal Reserve, not for economic reasons or because it's an arm of the corporate state, but because they think it's run by some kind of evil Jewish conspiracy. The nutty right criticizes Israel, not for its war crimes or statism, but because they hate Jews (why Jews are responsible for what the Israeli state does remains a mystery). They deny the holocaust because they hate Jews and don't want to admit the brutal history of statism. They blow up gay bars, burn crosses on other people's property, and do all kinds of batshit crazy (and extremely unlibertarian) things.

It is best for libertarians to completely disassociate ourselves from these whackos. They may take some of the same positions, but they do so for completely different, kooky reasons, and end up making the positions themselves look kooky. They're not anti-statists; they're just morons.

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