Tuesday, January 4, 2011

William Lane Craig willful ignorance promoting pulpit prostitute

First we should watch just how the twisted and deluded apologist presents his case.

Below is a particularly interesting argument in that a logical concept can be twisted into use for the promotion of an irrational belief.

The thought “the absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence” is a logical concept, in this case it is used to defend religion. This defense can be referred to as the diamond in the desert defense and it is quite common. Diamond in the desert is the claim that you cannot say with complete certainty that no diamond exists in the sands of a desert without first searching and sifting every grain of sand to identify any possible diamonds. Any person who has dabbled in logic regardless of any religious position can identify this as rational and reasonable.

We come into conflict when using this defense and reviewing the Abrahamic religious texts. Only the willfully ignorant superstitionist or disingenuous apologists (often using pious fraud as a shield) would claim the texts are flawless and contain no contradictions. A reading of the Christian texts show an “all or nothing” position, and in that position any single flaw that is provable negates the entire mythology, in effect it removes any “desert diamond” defense due to the claim of infallibility. Mr. W L Craig of course knows and understands this but chooses the disingenuous path, any religion could use the “desert diamond” defense rejecting infallibility but in this case Mr. Craig chooses Christianity because it is the most profitable for apologists manipulators.

W L Craig is an obvious pathological liar and a pompous parasitic narcissist, one of the worst pulpit prostitutes for profit, farming the feebleminded.

Below a simple refutation of the Argument from Innumeracy, Argument To The Future combination.


  1. Ahh.. another liar... add this guy to all the people at ICR, right? If they do not agree with you, then obviously they are liar, morons or some sort of lemming. Oh, feebleminded... sorry.

    Nothing new to see here folks... move along, move along.

  2. I almost want to argue with you Wally, almost.

    One day you may well understand, I am sorry you cannot see that the people are parasites.

    Do you not see the connection from the first video of this parasite and the second video?

    And yes most of your Christian brethren are both dangerous and ignorant.

    Do you realize that your score of 80+ on the religious test is DOUBLE what was the highest scores for Christians?

    I obviously cannot make you see you have already stated you are unwilling to consider many facts as relevant and that unsupported belief is more important. That of course is your prerogative but I do not need to wrestle with that. I am skeptical of much in science, and we all should be, medical science in particular because of the profit center it had become and the corruption that fosters.

    WLC has been proven a liar several times - can you provide proof that he has stopped or that he has recanted his lies?

    Don’t like feebleminded prove to me that pulpit prostitutes do not prey on your "brethren in Christ” - care to talk about Benny Hinn?

  3. Radio Bloger,

    I will view and listen to the videos again to see if I see your point. This is the first time I have seen or heard anything from this guy - you may not believe that based on things you've said in previous discussions, but I am telling you the truth. Like I said, in my 40 years of life, I've attended one ICR conference and I've seen a few bits of Billy Graham's crusades on video. I'm not one of these people who spends all day sounding the creation drum or Bible-beating people.

    I actually do consider what you say... and I agree that there are many people who believe things just because their parents did, etc. Many so-called Christians do not seem to know much about Jesus, I agree. That's a real problem... for them and for the people they influence. Gnosticism comes to mind.

    As far as facts... facts and facts. One area where you are I disagree is of evolutionary facts.... they are not facts at all. They are theories and ideas built from observations and some facts. Facts like people and apes have obvious similarities. You have your beliefs... I have mine. I don't think you are stupid, or evil, or a parasite or anything of the sort. It seems (and I emphasize SEEMS) that you are very quick to jump on anybody with a differing viewpoint.

    Is this guy a parasite? I don't know... like I said I will watch/listen to the vids again. Will I see the parasitic behavior on these clips, or is there more that I need to see?

    I don't have any specific info on WLC, so no I cannot prove or disprove anything.

    Pulpit prostitutes? Do you feel that is anyone who is pastor, preacher, etc, or just certain ones? I would hope the latter, and to that I would agree with you. There have been some real turds in religious leadership.

    I don't know who Benny Hinn is - really... not bullshitting you.

    Benny Hill I know... used to love watching his show when I was a kid hoping to see some naked ladies. :)

  4. In the stone age before the Internet, for a horny young boy there was always The Benny Hill Show.

  5. "It seems (and I emphasize SEEMS) that you are very quick to jump on anybody with a differing viewpoint.”

    It is not that I am not willing to see facts or listen to a plea, you just found one of my biggest peeves (more like murderous frustration)... human predatory parasites.

    Wally if you scored in the 80% pat yourself on the back you know more than most Christian theologians with a masters degree. I study religion on a daily basis so I was not surprised to score 100% (most theologians only study one religion).


    If you are popping this stuff on your own (and I feel compelled by your responses to trust you are being honest) then pats on the back to you, and then you would also understand that your level of apologetics is very high and could also put you in a weak position having to tread over ground that is already ankle deep in the blood of debate.

    Want to know why I hate parasites just watch some clips of the very wealthy fraud Benny Hinn...

  6. Radio Bloger, thanks.. I appreciate it. I am being nothing but sincere.

    I will check out Benny Hinn. I just jumped back on for sec before heading home, so I have not relistened to the other vids yet. I plan to get back on tonight from home. People like Jim Bakker and Jerry Falwell, Al Sharpton and like.... they do a lot more to hurt the Gospel than to help it in my opinion.

    I have my faith and I tell people about it when I see a good opportunity. I have friends that are atheist or agnostic, and others that just don't have time for God although they seem to believe He exists. My task, as a Christian, is to tell people about Christ and what he has done in my life. That is based on the teachings of Jesus and what He said, as recorded in the Bible.

    Had some cheese today. American... run of the mill slices, but still good. I had Cheez-it crackers to... so I made little tiny sandwiches with Cheez-its as the "bread" and little squares of American cheese. They were quite good!

  7. Oh, I meant to respond to you saying my understanding of apologetics being high. I never thought about it, but if that is the case, then I got that way through study of the Bible. Since I am a Sunday School teacher who writes his own lessons (I very much dislike all the pre-printed stuff I've been exposed to), I get a lot more insight. I find myself looking at passages and wondering what exactly is an ephod, and what did it looks like. And how does the Passover Feast work, etc.

    As far as world religions in general, I know bits and pieces at best.

  8. "I got that way through study of the Bible.” it is why it is called apologetics Wally. It also boxes you in to the texts.

    As for cheese, I suggest some whole wheat crackers and brie (French) for a start (available at walmart), a smoked gouda (Netherlands), and havarti (Danish) are both a good mild cheeses for a start/introduction. Later Roquefort (French) a mild blue is a bit advanced for now but an good introduction to the harsh cheeses. It never hurts to step up a bit...

  9. Radio, those cheeses are just too fancy for me. Just give me a George Costanza battery-sized block of sharp cheddar and I'm pretty happy.

  10. Okay, I watched the videos agian.

    Video #1 - Craig says that all religions cannot be right. I agree with that. I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, the Lord and Savior, and that He died on the cross for my and your sins. Choosing to accept His gift of salvation is the only way to Heaven. Note that I refrained from saying "Christianity is correct" because I believe that much of what is called Christianity has been distorted and perverted. I am a Christian because I know the true meaning of the word - Christ-Like - in that I try to live my life in the ways that Jesus taught. Love your neighbor, don't be a hypocrite, forgive those that do you harm, etc. I also follow Jesus' command to "go tell the world."

    Video #2 - Craig says that the absense of evidence is not the evidence of absence. I agree with this argument, at least in it's most basic form. Just because someone cannot see something does not mean it doesn't exist. They can choose to believe it does not exist if they want, but that does not affect what I believe.

    Video #3 - The numbers are way over my head - I'm horrible at math... always have been. I watched it over and over and still don't understand the narrator's point.

    There must be a lot more to your study of this guy that what is presented here for you to have such a negative opinion of him.

    As far as the Bible boxing me in, I'm not following you. If you are saying that I am looking only at the Bible as an authoritative text in my understanding of Christ, that you are right.... it's the only text I use.

    I'm on a pretty low budget as far as cheeses at the time, but I will check out the shelves at Walmart and see what's available.

  11. I'm on a pretty low budget as far as cheeses at the time, but I will check out the shelves at Walmart and see what's available.

    Better sample them while you can, Wally. Food inflation is driving dairy prices through the roof!

  12. Thanks Nikk.

    Radio Bloger - I took a quick look at Benny Hinn. Looks like a opportunist in it for the money to me. That's pretty harsh of me based on what I find on the Internet and not investigating, but that is my initial impression. I don't think Jesus would have had Peter and Paul go out and raise money for a Gulfstream.

    I also have no time for Joel Osteen, who preaches touchy-feely style... hardly any mention of sin and considers himself some sort of prophet. Jim Bakker - I already addressed this charlatan. Oral Roberts - another one who is deceiving people to get himself money.

  13. Fancy cheese?

    When was the last time you got a premium beer? - I don’t drink so that money goes to good food.

    Hell most of the cheeses listed cost less for a package than a premium coffee...

    Not that I don’t like sharp cheddar but american cheese ugh...

  14. You don't like American cheese? In that case... more for me! :)


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