Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Why Do Avocados Hate Me?

I love avocado. I can eat 'em as is, but mostly spread them on toast (nothing fancy). They're great in the morning, but I can eat them anytime. In fact, I had a couple of them waiting for me tonight. My problem is not knowing the perfect time to cut into one. Too soon, and you can't eat it (not soft), too late and it's going bad inside, turning black and ugly. I thought my avocados tonight would be fine, but when I got out my knife (yeah, it is my only one) to open one up, it was turning dark. I could still eat a little of it by carefully scooping around the bad parts, but to be honest, I didn't get very much avocado meat to spread on my bread. This has reached a crisis point, because I'm obviously doing something wrong. This avocado wasn't real soft, but was still past its prime.

All of the avocados I see in photos online, even the ones amateur avocado advocates have taken pictures of, look perfect in their sliced-in-half state, with no black at all showing anywhere. How can I too achieve such avocado perfection? I need serious avocado help, and soon. Otherwise, dear avocados, you force me to turn to store-bought prepared guacamole, when what I really want is you, my little green loves (alligator pears; good name for ya!).

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