Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Trent Reznor: Why Facebook Sucks

As far as the concept goes, I don’t think it’s actually executed that well. The layout's kind of foolish and the processing is terrible, as a tool. When I see the media heralding Zuckerburg, putting him up on a pedestal of genius and mentioned in the same breathe as Steve Jobs, I highly disagree with that. He was in the right place at the right time, with a functional tool. I think if something came along doing what Facebook does and was just a lot better at it, then, well, most people use Facebook because everyone’s on Facebook but then you see how quickly Friendster and MySpace crashed.-Trent Reznor

Trent Reznor on Why Facebook Sucks

Zuckerburg certainly should not have been named over Julian Assange of WikiLeaks (the apparent original choice of the magazine) as Time's "Person of the Year" , but then, when your "news" magazine is simply a shill for the state, you give in to your master's wishes.


  1. They're not shills to the state, they're shills to their advertisers and the private media industry which is threatened by sites like WikiLeaks.

  2. MySpace crashed??? Am I missing something here?!! It was doing pretty good last time I looked at it :)

    Good to see someone else doesn't live in the land of F/bk worship...lol...nice to know I'm not in a minority of one and yes...I do use it simply because as you say everyone else is on it. Thankfully many of the everyone elses are also on here and Wordpress and MYSPACE!!! Oh yea...and a lot of us used to be on Spaces Live till that decided to crash and burn....

  3. I never got Facebook and once signed up in its infant stages. I quickly found it to be pointless - for me. Off I went.

    What I notice too now - and resent - is people and companies force others to join to get offers and be part of something. "Hey, want to get that thing? Join us on FB!"

    Fuck. You.

    Anyway. Next thing I know the sucker takes off. Good for him but it IS luck and he shouldn't have been named ahead of Assange or even the Chilean miners.

    In any event, who cares about Time's person of the year?

  4. Assange or Zuckerberg... this is the year when privacy was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.


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