Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Question of the Day: What's Your Favorite Soda?

You know, soft drinks, for kids! Really, we shouldn't be drinking soda pop at all; it's a poor substitute for water. I thought this question up while leaving work. In the break room there is one of those recycling bins for cans, and it was full, so people just left their empty cans on top of it. Strange thing was, they were all Squirt cans. Either one person went on a crazy Squirt binge, or it's become the most popular soft drink in the soda machine.

Squirt is a great beverage, called by its inventor the "freshest, most exciting taste in the marketplace". Damn right! Too bad it's not made with real sugar. If it was, I'd buy it by the gross, instead of the occasional can at work from the crappy soda machine in the crappy break room. Come on, Squirt, if Sierra Mist can do it...


  1. Vernors? I hate Vernors! What are you, some kind of troll? Trying to provoke me again?

    I like a good grape Crush, and I like still love my childhood favorite, root beer.

  2. Root beer's good... *backs away cautiously*

  3. My favorite sodas are those with sugar... not high fructose corn syrup, saccharin, Spelnda or any of that other stuff. The Jones Soda Company has a blueberry lemonade soda that I really like. Used to be able to get it as Big Box Mart, but then they seemed to stop selling it... probably to make more room for Twilight merchandise.

  4. *backs away cautiously*

    Maybe I should change the name of this blog to The Root Beer Eye.

  5. Big Box Mart is my favorite store! Better than Walmart and Target combined.

  6. My favorite sodas are those with sugar... not high fructose corn syrup

    The new Sierra Mist Natural, made with sugar instead of HFCS, is pretty good. Have you tried it? I mean, it's just a lemon/lime soda, so I know it can't possibly be as exciting as blueberry lemonade soda, but at least it's easier to find.

  7. I love how sometimes they randomly have "Throwback" Pepsi and Dr. Pepper with sugar, but it's supply is very random.

    You know where all the soda has sugar, not HFCS? Europe. I remember that from when I was there last year; all of the sodas had real sugar.

    Oh America... you've even fallen behind in the junk food department. What a fall from grace.


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